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Bigfoot Studios is looking to incorporate RFID access control over important locations throughout the property and many personal use doors as well (such as dorm rooms). The current applications of RFID at Bigfoot Studios are displayed in this Wikidot page.

Project Status

  • Dorm Rooms: Deployed and in use; 5/30/13
  • Miami RFID: 100 commercial and 4 all access cards registered. Ready for stability and functionality testing. 3/12/13
  • Wardrobe RFID: On hold. GSM currently working, Commercial RFID's not yet incorporated; 3/1/13
  • Hollywood Suites RFID (Andrew's Door): Deployed and currently working; 3/14/13
  • The housing for RFID is on modeling process


Bigfoot Dorm Room Access Control

Bigfoot provides rooming for individuals who have traveled to work here temporarily.
These rooms can now only be accessed using an RFID reader and card.


Computer rendition of the device mounted to the wall.


Deployed state of device. From Left to Right: Dorm 1 Access Control; Dorm 2 Access Control

Register / Delete Cards

The device is capable of register/unregistering access cards. The video above demonstrates the function by the use of an ADMIN card.

To Register a Card
1. Scan admin card.
2. Scan card to be registered/unregistered. (Display will show if scanned card is currently registered or not)
3. Scan admin card again. (This will change the state of the card. i.e. from registered to unregistered, vice versa)

A confirmed message with beep will indicate that the card has been successfully modified.

Using Cards (Lock/Unlock)

Scanning registered cards will turn the RFID icon to green together with a beep which will indicate that the door is unlocked.
Scanning an unregistered card will result to a red RFID icon together with a low-tone error beep.


Qty Description
1 Sainsmart Arduino Mega 2560
1 Geeetech MP3 Shield VS1053
1 4 GB microSD Card
1 RDM 6300 RFID Module
1 128x64 Seeedstudio OLED
1 Door Strike
1 RGB Common Anode LEDs
1 Push Button
1 1-Way Songle Relay
1 Buzzer
1 10K Resistor
3 220 Ohm Resistor
1 Electrical Box



Schematic for RFID Access Control

Exploded view of the housing. From Left to Right: The wall brace that attaches the components box to the wall; The components box (158 x 90 x 50mm) that holds the RFID device; Acrylic device cover

Source Code

Name Modified Author
Dorm Access Control v1.0-stable.zip 5/27/2013 Kendro

Hollywood Suites Door (Andrew's)


Qty Description
1 Parallax RFID Module
1 Seeeduino v3.0 Board
1 Door Strike
1 GSM Module v1.0
5 RGB Common Anode LEDs
2 Push Button
1 1-Way Songle Relay
1 5V Power Supply
1 Buzzer
1 10K Resistor
3 1K Resistor
15 220 Ohm Resistor
1 Protoboard
3 BC327 Transistor
1 Sim Card
1 Electrical Box (14.7 x 8.7 x 3.7cm)



Change History

Date Description
3/14/2013 - Optibooted Seeeduino Board
- Added 8-second Watchdog Timer
- Added 3 red flashes indicating that if GSM is not initialised
- Added 10-second button (door switch) hold to reboot the device

Source Code

Name Modified Author
Andrews Door v2.0-stable.zip 3/14/2013 Kendro
Andrews Door v1.0-stable.zip 3/8/2013 Kendro

Miami RFID

Source Code

Name Modified Author
MiamiRFID.zip 3/12/2013 Kendro


Source Code

Name Modified Author
WardrobeRFID.zip 3/1/2013 Kendro

RDM6300 RFID module we have here reads EM4100 protocol while the commercial RFID readers are reading Wiegand 26 protocol. So, they are mutually exclusive of each other. If we standardize on RDM6300 we cannot use any of the commercial readers. Using both technologies means we'd have to track multiple IDs per tag/keyfob and to which reader device deployed - that would not be a smart direction to take (i.e. unnecessary complication and confusion, two code bases, additional management and overhead of system…).

Change History

Date Description
5/30/2013 Dorm Rooms: Installed the two RFID box to each rooms of the dorm
3/14/2013 Andrew's Door: Added functionalities.
- Optibooted Seeeduino Board
- Added 8-second Watchdog Timer
- Added 3 red flashes indicating that if GSM is not initialised
- Added 10-second button (door switch) hold to reboot the device

(name files with proper versioning and note stable/unstable release)
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Andrew_Door_Schematic_101.bmpPC bitmap385.06 kBInfo
Andrew_Door_Schematic.jpgJPEG image data170.06 kBInfo
Andrews Door v1.0-stable.zipZip archive data80.94 kBInfo
Andrews Door v2.0-stable.zipZip archive data81.89 kBInfo
DormAcessControl v1.0-stable.zipZip archive data28.98 kBInfo
Dorm RFID.bmpPC bitmap866.31 kBInfo
IMG_3991.JPGJPEG image data201.2 kBInfo
IMG_4005.JPGJPEG image data165.23 kBInfo
MiamiRFID.zipZip archive data5.77 kBInfo
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rfid_image_05.jpgJPEG image data47.84 kBInfo
rfid_image_06.jpgJPEG image data95.68 kBInfo
WardrobeRFID.zipZip archive data3.31 kBInfo