GSM Switch

By bf-scottbf-scott, on 05 Feb 2013 02:54
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The GSM Switch is based on an Arduino electronics board and is an SMS (text message) controlled remote reboot device for appliances plugged into a relay controlled outlet(s).

Project Status

  • Device was delivered to HK where it sits awaiting deployment; 3/6/13
    • (We wouldn't mind getting the device back in the lab to further refine the features and stability.)


Qty Description
1 Gboard (iteadstudio)
1 4-Signal Relay (iteadstudio)
1 I2C 16x2 LCD Display (blue)
1 7805 Regulator
1 100uF/16v Capacitor
1 1uF/16v Capacitor
4 Clear LED (blue)
4 270 Ohm Resistors



Resources & External Links

Change History

Date Description
02/15/2013 v2.0: Removed [CONF] command. Removed phone authentication. Added password.
02/06/2013 v1.0: Removed [CONF] command.

Source Code

Name Modified Author
GSM Switch v2.0-stable 02/15/2013 Kendro
GSM Switch v1.0-stable 02/06/2013 Kendro

(name files with proper versioning and note stable/unstable release)
File nameFile typeSize
GSMSwitch_01.0-stable.zipZip archive data111.78 kBInfo
GSMSwitch_02.0-stable.zipZip archive data112.44 kBInfo
GSMswitch Sch.bmpPC bitmap385.06 kBInfo