Elevator Wall Control (BFC)

By CarlmilCarlmil, on 11 May 2013 04:48

The Elevator Wall Control was constructed to make an convenient wall control for the people in the office, added more simpler interface. The Elevator Wall Control was made also see the statuses of the floor of the building whether it is locked or open.

Proposed output

This video demonstrates the full functionality with the production elevator web server - lock/unlock, current floor, plus up/down on the wall control

Project Status

  • Tested full functionality at production web server (rooftop) in HK; 6/16/13
  • There are some changes of the design, the components assy must be redesign for easy access of the rj-45 plug; 6/19/13
  • The Elevator Wall Control prototype is now ready and deployed it to BFC; 6/13/13
  • The Elevator Wall Control design for approval… design out for quotation; 5/20/13


Qty Description
1 Arduino Ethernet Board with PoE
2 Arduino Nano Board
2 7-segment LED Display
6 Bi-Color LED Button (red/green)
1 Green-Color LED Button
6 560 Ohm 1/4w Resistor
6 220 Ohm 1/4w Resistor
1 1k Ohm 1/4w Resistor
x x


X-ray image of the Elevator Wall Control


Cover assy of the Elevator Wall Control, all the parts are glued together

Components assy of the Elevator Wall Control, all the parts are joined together using an M4 machine screw

Components are positioned using stand-off

Change History

Date Description
6/16/2013 Tested full functionality at production web server (rooftop) in HK

Source Code

Name Modified Author
Elevator Wall Control v01.0-stable 6/14/2013 Kendro

(name files with proper versioning and note stable/unstable release)
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ELEVATOR WALL CONTROL_1.jpgJPEG image data92.24 kBInfo
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ELEVATOR WALL CONTROL_IMAGE_6.jpgJPEG image data82.28 kBInfo
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