Elevator Security Console (BFC)

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The Elevator Security Console is a control panel for the Bigfoot Centre building in Hong Kong that gives the security personnel the ability to restrict or allow access for employees and/or visitors who wish to go to the upper levels of the building by elevator. It controls access to 6 floors; 21F, 22F, 23F, 27F, 29F, 30F from the lobby desk, connected to the internet switch located in the lobby equipment room.


Project Status

  • Stability testing in Hong Kong: 6/21/13
  • Redesigning the housing of the console to much shorter height: 6/21/2013

Using The Device

Electricity is supplied to the Elevator Control Panel by Power over Ethernet (PoE). When plugged in, turn the power switch on from behind the device (see "Housing" section below), and wait about 10 seconds for the Elevator Control Panel to initialize:

Initialization. The key locks and unlocks the push buttons to prevent unauthorized usage. The "29" and "G" on the OLED
Displays indicate the current level of each elevator car.

Immediately after initialization, one may use the Elevator Control Panel. Pushing the buttons will lock or unlock each individual floor. When the button is green (along with the corresponding floor on the TFT Display) that indicates the elevator car may stop on the floor should a passenger wish to go there. A red button (along with the corresponding floor on the TFT Display) will restrict the elevator cars from stopping at that floor. Should a passenger within an elevator car push the button to travel to a locked floor, the elevator button will blink red several times and go nowhere.
Available to those who are given the phone number, one can send an SMS message from their mobile device to the Elevator Control Panel. The SMS message will appear on the I2C 20x4 OLED Display for the security personnel to read.
The Elevator Control Panel's functionality can be seen in the following video:

BFC Elevator Console deployed at the Lobby, Hong Kong. Notice the push button colors match those of their corresponding
floors on the TFT Display.


Qty Description
1 Arduino Mega ADK
1 Arduino Ethernet Board
1 Gboard v1.0
1 6 Bi-Color LED Button Shield (red/green)
1 3.2" TFT LCD Display
1 I2C 20x4 OLED Display (white)
2 Seeduino I2C OLED Display
1 PCA9540B i2c Bus Multiplexer
1 Prototype Shield (custom circuits)
1 Key Switch
1 Clear LED (blue)
1 BC327 NPN Transistor
1 3k Ohm 1/4w Resistor
1 270 Ohm 1/4w Resistor



Housing & Assembly


-1/4"(6.35mm) Aluminum plate for the Body of the Housing
-1/8"(3.17mm) Aluminum plate for the Face Plate

Rearview Projections from top to bottom: Gboard antenna; RJ-45 Socket
(yellow); Fuse (Optional); Power switch (blue); Power supply adaptor (Optional)

Components Assembly

From the top, going clockwise: Seeduino I2C OLED Displays ("22" and "29" on the Displays);
I2C 20x4 OLED Display; 6 Bi-Color LED Button Shield (Unseen, but below the Button Shield
is an Arduino Ethernet board); 3.2" TFT LCD Display

From the top, going clockwise: Gboard v1.0 (brown); Arduino Mega Adk (blue); Customized
Protoshield (olive green)

Resources & External Links

Change History

Date Description
6/20/2013 Redesigning the housing of the console
6/13/2013 Deployed to BFC and ready to use
5/17/2012 There are some changes in the components plate assembly, they will gonna remove the 12V power supply in the assembly, so there are some few changes in the design of the plate
5/12/2013 Powered the Elevator Console using Power over Ethernet (PoE). Removed the external 12v power supply.
5/4/2013 Redesign the button shield LED buttons to be driven from the Mega ADK board becuase a blocking fuction of the Ethernet board is causing an interruption of the multiplexing and results in the LEDs blinking off/on every 2 seconds or so when it makes a GET to the elevator web server.
2/12/2013 Re: the LCD screen, I would like it to serve messages. If I expect a visitor, I can send a message stating "Pls. send Mr. Cameron up to 21/F", so when you arrive and talk to the front desk, they can quickly identify you and send you up … makes sense? - MG
2/8/2013 I agree – OLED would be a lot sexier as it has a much better resolution. Seems that you guys are already very close to the end product. So I would go for your solution with the I2C multiplexing, and focus on getting it all into a sexy box. Please note that I have already ordered a PCB for the illuminated keys – it is designed as a shield for the Arduino Ethernet, have you seen it? Just to make sure that you design the panel front plate so it fits 100%. - MG
2/7/2013 Concerning the 16x2 LCD on the top right of the panel, “I intended it for status messages, like any Ethernet communication problems, also I would like a possibility to send SHORT MESSAGES to the guards, like: "Pls. allow Mr. Lam to 21/F" – so when there is a visitor expected, we can one day just display this message, and the guard would greet the person and send him up right away.” – MG
1/25/2013 The idea is to have an additional TFT that displays a schematic of the upper floors, and makes LOCKED floors display RED, and unlocked ones GREEN (obviously you need to imagine that the two JPGs are CUT INTO HORIZONTAL STRIPES of GREEN and RED floors, so the unlocked ones appear GREEN and the locked ones appear RED. This is just to increase the "coolness factor" (everything we build has to have a high "coolness factor"), from a pure functionality, the red/green in the button sufficiently indicates the locked and unlocked floors. Also I would like to have two OLED displays (the small ones) output the current location of the elevators, so it looks like a proper control. - MG
1/23/2013 Also, did you find a way to make the TFT display faster? The current speed of display is not sufficient. - MG
1/25/2013 We need "stripes" of the files - with each stripe representing one floor. So if the floor 29/F is switched from UNLOCKED to LOCKED, that part if the TFT display needs to display a file with GREEN floor instead of RED floor. It would be great if we could have the floor numbers embedded (Kaoru already has an illustration for it). What we need is the segment that just represents ONE floor. It should be exported in a 320 pixel horizontal resolution, with the height only representing the floor (also the vertical offset - if it starts let's say 75 pixels from the top, I suggest that you include it in the file name. You can export something like: 27G-53.JPG (meaning: this is the 27th floor in GREEN, and it starts from vertical offset 53 pixels down from zero). The corresponding filename for the same floor in RED would be: 27R-53.JPG - MG
1/22/2013 OLED DISPLAY, would love to use it for displaying the current floor of the two elevators. However, we need to connect TWO of them via I2C, and figure out how to change device ID. We would need a LARGE FONT that fills the display, it should be a nice font (2 digits), typical floor numbers are: "30", "29", "U6", "G" etc. - MG
1/16/2013 DISPLAYS - for the BIGFOOT CENTRE ELEVATOR CONTROL, I would like to display the image of Bigfoot Centre with floors overlayed RED (for locked) and GREEN (for unlocked). Basically we need to display an image (nothing else – no touch screen functionality etc.) - MG

Source Code

Name Modified Author
Elevator Control Panel v02.0-stable 6/14/2013 Kendro
Elevator Control Panel v01.1-stable 4/17/2013 Kendro

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