Work 2013 3/4 to 3/9

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 12 Mar 2013 08:07

Here is what we've been working on this past week in the Arduino Lab…

  • Miami RFID; Laundry Facility Access
    • Programmed RFID Cards
    • Debugged the GOFi2COLED library and RFID reader interference
    • Reduced the amount of memory used up in the code
    • Fixed the OLED screen to properly display RFID prompts
    • Fabricated aluminum plate prototypes
    • Programming for facility use ($12 cards, $4 each use, $0 bal disables card, confirmations, countdown timer, etc)
  • Hollywood Suites (Andrew’s Door) RFID Access
    • Designed housing and mounting possibilities
    • Swapped out G-Board for the Seeeduino
    • Changed the RDM630 RFID reader for the Parallax
    • Reprogrammed to make the Parallax compatible with Seeeduino
    • Enabled Keyfobs and additional cards access
    • Experimented with multiple tone frequencies
    • Reduced relay size
    • Added SMS receiving and transmitting capabilities to the door
      • GSM Module used (Gboard stability needs further testing)
    • Added an emergency push button switch
    • Compacted device to fit into new housing case
    • Installed the new RFID device
  • Guard Monitor
    • Retested stability due to Walky-Talky interference of the device
    • Changed out boards of the device
      • Testing with Arduino Uno over Seeeduino board - Seeeduino board keeps freezing up (even with watchdog enabled)
    • Reinstalled

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