Work 2013 2/25 to 3/2

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 04 Mar 2013 05:09

Here is what we've been working on this past week in the Arduino Lab…

  • Light Controller Pathway
    • Code analyzing
    • Figuring out the Light Controller v1.4 board
    • Soldering Boards
  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Communicate the push button shield with the Arduino ethernet board
    • Checked stability
    • Changed TFT screen floor colors using ethernet board button through UART
    • Got an LCD display operating
    • Coded to make one OLED display two digits with small memory footprint
    • Initial setup of elevator web server emulator test environment
  • Miami RFID
    • Code the RFID reader
    • Connect OLED and program the texts and displays
    • Connect RGB LEDs, buzzer
    • Address packaging the new hardware
  • Guard Monitor
    • Added watchdog to improve stability
    • Remounted at guard stations
    • Continued evaluation of
  • Andrew’s Door RFID Fix/Update
    • Pull out the RFID panel
    • Recode accessibility
    • Install new model of RFID reader and test the new interface
    • Miniaturize the device and evaluate new board use
  • Wardrobe RFID
    • Code the new RFID reader
    • Create new OLED display
    • Power concerns
  • RFID
    • Test commercial RFID readers from boxes
    • Determine interface and protocol
    • Document results
    • Recommendations and standards
  • Connecting Internet
    • Assist with the installation of the ethernet into the lab
  • Random Light Generator
    • Create random effects with multiple LED attachments
    • Program the device
    • Properly hardwire and install device onto the set
  • Documentation and project management
    • Updates to Wikidot
    • Updates to Mavenlink

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