Work 2013 7/8 to 7/13

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 15 Jul 2013 04:11

  • Access Control: GSM
    • Authenticating calling phone numbers in SIM phonebook with Gboard and GSM module
    • Coding the ability to add and delete phone numbers in SIM phonebook via SMS commands
    • Testing board compatibility with GSM module (Uno, Seeeduino, Sainsmart, Mega, MegaADK)
  • Access Control
    • Testing a new Biometric device, connecting to arduino and/or door strike
    • Testing a Keypad shield
    • Modification to housing design for reset switch function
  • Supporting Projects
    • Researched uploading sketches to Arduino Ethernet via network connection
    • Troubleshooting a TFT Touch Shield
    • Battery evaluation, charging scheme, connection to Arduino board projects, evaluate runtime
    • RFID tag assistance with ongoing ID printing
  • Deployed Projects
    • Follow-ups on monitoring the stability and continued functionality of the devices
  • Wikidot
    • Extensive updates to the Project documentation (wikis)
  • Fabrication Shop
    • Cleaning, organization, maintenance.

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