Work 2013 6/24 to 6/29

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 02 Jul 2013 07:27

  • Guard Monitor v2
    • Monitored device stability
    • Investigated using a Mega board for increased RAM memory required by SD card library
    • Tested/experimented with attaching a PoE moduel to an Ethernet shield (for use on Mega)
    • Incorporated an SD card for storing data that could be lost due to internet disconnection
    • Positioned new component alignment within housing, checking for spatial concerns
    • Ongoing development, design, and testing consideration for SD logging device if internet connection drops
    • Continued refining the server-side component, adding additional reports
  • Lighted Pathway
    • Planning the budget, canvassing/sourcing prices and availability
    • Tested PIR sensors within columns and against the glass
    • Investigated waterproofing and discussed providing power via the solar setup
    • Tested various motion sensors and researched other available types for different setups and conditions
  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Created a User Guide for the device
    • Monitoring stability
  • Wikidot
    • Updating the Wikidot site

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