Work 2013 6/3 to 6/8

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 10 Jun 2013 04:15

  • Elevator Security Console
    • Incorporated the 12864 LCD Screen into the elevator security control panel and programmed display for console
    • Tested Ethernet capabilities for all functions against web server emulator; stress testing
    • Troubleshooting “Error 1” on LCD and bugs in one OLED
    • Adding descriptive error messages to LCD
    • GSM support added for displaying SMS messages plus alert LED
    • Programmed character display function for LCD, timeout
    • Machine aluminum housing and assembly, polishing
  • Elevator Wall Control
    • Researched and ran the elevator wall control panel
    • Programmed function for the 7-segment LEDs displaying numbers
    • Integrating with Ethernet board and serial communications between boards
    • Produce housing
  • Guard Alarm
    • Adding Ethernet capabilities into the program
    • Read/Writing from the web server to Elevator Control Panel, and vice versa
  • RFID
    • Reprogrammed the Guest cards
    • Stabilized a malfunctioning RFID reader
    • Printed ID tags for the guest rooms

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