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Artie DuncansonArtie Duncanson wrote on 28 May 2013 07:59

Today's students are going to enter a world dominated by computers, making it of great importance that they are exposed to electronics. For less than $100 per student in a class of 25 students can have an Arduino Uno board, LEDs, buzzers, LCD screens, a motion sensor, and soldering supplies to introduce them to a number of simple computer concepts. Or for under $100 the students could be supplied with a more focused kit that will play MP3s.
Students everywhere can be found jamming out to music and using their cell phones for a myriad of tasks. For under $200 kits can be purchased that can incorporate the their love of music and cellular devices while also including blinking lights, an LCD screen, and soldering supplies.
The budgets of these gateway kits for the possible computer scientists of the future can be seen here:

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