Work 2013 5/20 to 5/25

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 27 May 2013 09:37

  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Ran the 12864 LCD Screen and tested it’s capabilities and fonts (replacement for the 20x4 OLED if still delayed)
    • Further testing the network/internet capabilities against web server emulator
    • Canvassing quote for materials and fabrication of housing
  • RFID : Staff Accommodation
    • Programmed multiple cards for access to the 1st staff room
    • Utilized a MicroSD card for memory storage of tag IDs
    • Installed the RFID for the staff room
    • Making revisions to the code for card administration
  • Light Controller
    • Installed and troubleshot the Arduino Lab Staircase Lights - observing/fixing
    • Pathway project requirements gathering
      • Testing different LED lights from vendor
      • BOM
  • MP3
    • Tetsing MP3 shield on a Seeeduino board for implementing in Access Control systems and future projects

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