Work 2013 5/13 to 5/18

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 18 May 2013 03:58

  • Elevator Security Console
    • Determined power capabilities using PoE
    • Changed out Arduino Mega ADK for Sainsmart Mega board
    • Attached new Sainsmart shield to the TFT
    • Attempted to incorporate the 128x64 LCD Screen
    • Repositioned resistors to create even lighting on all of the buttons
    • Developed new shields compatible with the Mega board and TFT shield
    • Housing design/fabrication, quoting materials
  • Elevator Wall Control
    • Determined power capabilities using PoE
    • Housing design/fabrication, quoting materials
  • Light Controller - Arduino Lab Stairs
    • Soldered more IR Sensor Circuit Boards
    • Added status LED to IR Sensor Circuit Boards
    • Reworked and completed more LC boards
    • Installed three devices within the rough in boxes
    • Installed three devices on stairs for initial testing
  • Guard Monitor
    • Old buttons swapped for a new button type
    • Stability Testing
    • LAMP server setup
  • PM, Docs
    • Updated the Project Wikis, Blog, PM

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