Work 2013 5/6 to 5/11

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 13 May 2013 05:09

  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Tested power capabilities (current draw) using PoE
    • Web server testing
  • Light Controller
    • Soldered IR sensor PC board circuits
    • Assembled more LC boards
    • Evaluated multiple locations for IR sensor placement
    • Rewired IR sensors to minimize number of wires to be used
    • Designed a wall insert to house the sensors
    • Coded multiple animations
    • Improved serial communication of Nanos
    • Tested effects of glass on various IR sensor setups
  • Guard Monitor
    • Searched for more reliable buttons
    • Replaced broken button
    • Designed ways to create a stable button
    • Brainstormed how to introduce internet capabilities to the device
  • RFID
    • Inspected the location and requirements gathering of installing an RFID reader on staff accommodation
  • Project Updates
    • Updated the Wiki pages for Arduino Projects

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