Work 2013 4/22 to 4/27 (Cebu & Hong Kong)

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 29 Apr 2013 04:09

  • Light Controller (Cebu and Hong Kong)
    • Connected Multiple Boards for Lab Stairs
    • Develop code for the IR sensors and serial communicating
    • Attached LED lights to steps
    • BFC 28th floor ceiling LED lights; install, program, test
  • RFID
    • Repair Hollywood Suite's door (Andrew’s beta)
  • PoE
    • Experiment on bypassing the PoE safeguards
    • Research on the topic
  • Capacitive Sensor
    • Create a basic capacitive sensor
    • Troubleshoot the code that was producing junk values only
    • Trying to make the results display at a faster rate
  • Elevator Security Console (Hong Kong)
    • Connect to and read elevator status from the production web server
    • Plan and test for setting floor locking function
    • Prepare network infrastructure for connecting console and wall appliance
  • Elevator In-Car System (Hong Kong)
    • Requirements
    • Equipment
    • Evaluation
    • Networking
    • Functional Mock-up
    • Documentation and disseminate info

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