Work 2013 4/15 to 4/20 (Cebu & Hong Kong)

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 22 Apr 2013 05:01

  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Created a mounting station for testing the components
    • Connect and test prototype with production network for reading elevator states (Hong Kong)
  • BFC Elevators (Hong Kong)
    • In-Car system project established; requirements, components, software
    • Compile drawings and documents
    • Mock-up prototype system
  • PoE
    • Research into the subject
    • Bypass testing
    • Worked to create a power injector
  • Lighting Controller
    • Lighted ceiling boards - assemble, test, animate (Hong Kong)
      • Installation
    • Lab Stairs
      • Cut the necessary lengths of LED strips for the stairs and soldered the connection wires
      • Rebuild IR emitter and receiver circuitry and test various emitter/receiver combinations to maximize detection range
      • Created an inventory list for needed parts to complete light controller board projects
  • Door Strikes
    • Tested the new door strikes for compatibility with Arduino
  • Lab Maintenance
    • Cleaned and maintained (continually dirty from construction underway)
  • Student Kits
    • Looked into budget concerns regarding the desired student kits
  • Wikidot
    • Started a PoE Wikidot page
    • Corrected a mistake in the schematics on the RFID page

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