Work 2013 4/8 to 4/13

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 15 Apr 2013 07:03

  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Successfully read the Elevator Emulator web server using Ethernet Board
    • Tested our Serial LCDs and posted the syntaxes on Wikidot site
    • Constructed mockup layout of panel
    • Testing of porting to Arduino Due board… library issues.
  • Light Controller
    • Reroute light controller boards
    • Connect IR emitters and receivers
    • Test IR emitter and receiver positioning and calibration with potentiometer
    • Attach device to a stair light and test
    • Fitting the device into a housing case
    • Made a distance measuring device with the Ultrasonic Sensor and Serial LCD
  • Power Over Ethernet
    • Voltage Regulator fabrication
    • Various tests with Power Injectors and POE enabled Power Source Equipment
  • Guard Alarm Monitor
    • Reinstall after replacement of the broken button.
    • Rewrap the RF shield
  • Student Kits
    • Brainstorm ideas for the student kits
  • Other
    • Tested Serial LCDs and posted the syntaxes on Wikidot site

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