Work 2013 4/1 to 4/6

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 15 Apr 2013 06:59

  • Elevator Control Panel
    • Prototype housing case
    • Made an Up-Down Counter on OLED using enlarged fonts (9)
    • Fixed the Sainsmart TFT shield v1.0 by removing resistors and placing cross jumpers
    • Switched to Sainsmart TFT screen (from geeetech)
    • Researched EasyTransfer library (other method of serial communication)
  • Power Over Ethernet
    • Run tests to bypass the Power Source Equipment
  • Light Controller
    • Refine the code
    • Attach a PIR sensor
    • Tests with various IR emitters
  • Capacitive Sensor
    • Initial research
    • Worked on the coding
    • Fabricated a sensor device
  • Guard Alarm Monitor
    • Stability tests (guards claim “Alarm” LED wasn’t working)
    • Replace broken push button

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