Work 2013 3/25 to 3/30

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 03 Apr 2013 07:02

Projects and tasks worked on in both the lab in Cebu and Hong Kong:

  • Light Controller
    • Hardware assembly
    • Supply voltage regulator fabrication
    • PIR sensor addition to the device
    • Soldered 3x v1.2 Elevator Control Boards (HK)
    • Soldered 5x v1.3 and 10x v1.4 Light Controller Boards (HK)
    • Reviewed v1.5 light controller board layout before final printing (HK)
  • Ceiling Light Controller (HK)
    • Built an Analog Potentiometer Board for debugging light controllers
  • Power over Ethernet
    • Initial research on the technology
    • Power Source Equipment (PSE) to Arduino Ethernet board hook up
    • PSE and RJ-45 Cable power up
      • Many various tests to bypass PSE safeguard
  • Switchmode Power Supply
    • Initial research on how to build a Switchmode Power Supply (SMPS)
    • SMPS hardware assembly
    • Multiple, various SMPS tests
  • RFID
    • Weigand interface decoding
    • Multiple commercial RFID testing
    • Prepared the MIAMI RFID
  • Misc Programming
    • Programmed Arduino Mini using Ethernet USB Programmer Cable (HK)
      • Drawn an Schematic Diagram for the Setup (HK)
  • Misc Tasks (HK)
    • Organised the HK Arduino Lab
    • Prepared items to bring to Cebu
  • Other - Non-Arduino Tasks
    • Assisted on installing HDMI Matrix Setup on Pent House
      • Shopped for necessary components
      • Installed 32 ethernet wall jacks
      • Crimped 32 ethernet patch cords
    • Researched for VS440HDMI HDMI Serial Codes

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