Work 2013 3/18 to 3/23

bf-scottbf-scott wrote on 25 Mar 2013 04:34

Here is what the team was working on…

  • Guard Monitor
    • Reinstallation of Guard Monitor 2 (disconnected due to guard shack repairs)
    • Guard Monitor 1 buzzer volume troubleshooting
  • Elevator Panel
    • GSM board replaced by G-Board
    • TFT board flickering troubleshooting
    • Power regulator fabricated
    • Integrating Arduino Nano into the circuit
  • Light Controller
    • PIR Sensor capability testing
    • PIR Sensor initial coding
    • LED Dimming effects
  • PoE
    • Ran several attempts at providing power through the Ethernet cord
    • Worked on bypassing the TP-Link to allow voltage to pass through the Ethernet cord
    • Created a power regulator designed for 48V input

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