New LED Lamps (Kingbright)

Artie DuncansonArtie Duncanson wrote on 14 Feb 2013 06:35

An assortment of new Kingbright DLC LEDs landed in our laps this morning, which we quickly played with.

The red ones lit up dimly with the 5 Vs supplied by the Arduino UNO, but the green LEDs would not. The power drop in the reds were 4.5 V, so there was just enough power to light them up, but the green LEDs experienced a 6 V drop, so a more powerful source was used to make them glow.


Two yellow lamps (DLC/6YD) with 6 LEDs inside each of them were also brought to us, but so far we have not been able to get all of the bulbs to light up:

The datasheets for each type of lamp were found:




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