This is the documentation and collaborative information site for Bigfoot Studio's Arduio Lab projects
in Cebu, Philippines, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, and Miami, Florida USA.

Projects List

  • Elevator Security Console : Bigfoot Centre Hong Kong Building
  • Elevator Wall Control : Bigfoot Centre Hong Kong Building
  • Access Control (RFID) : Staff Accommodation Rooms (Main Bldg, Mezzanine Level)
  • Access Control (RFID) : White House Documents Room
  • Access Control (RFID) : White House Wardrobe Room 3rd Floor
  • Access Control (RFID) : Miami Laundry Facility
  • Access Contorl (RFID) : Cebu Laundry Facility
  • Access Control (RFID) : Electric Gate LA Property (Electric)
  • Light Controller : Bigfoot Centre Oval Ceiling Lighting
  • Light Controller : Arduino Lab Stairs
  • Light Controller : Bigfoot Cebu Pathway
  • Light Controller : Casa 2 Stairs
  • Guard Monitor : Lobby (Wired via PoE) > Server Updates
  • Guard Monitor : White House Guard House
  • Environmental Control: Aircon Warning and Cut-off System
  • Prepaid Power / Power Monitoring
  • Paycard System (RFID-based ID cards)
  • Guest Access (RFID) : Casa Properties
  • GSM Switch - Remote Power Cycle Appliance (SIM900/SMS)
  • HDMI Matrix Switcher
  • Ethernet Buzzer
  • Distress Button
  • Battery Backup
  • Internet Terminals : Barcode Ticket for Lobby Internet Access
  • LED 8x8x8 Cube
  • LED Table (Tanuki Cafe; Lobby)
  • Arduino Student Kits for ACT

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