Serial LCD1602 v3.0

By Kendro VillaruelKendro Villaruel, on 03 Apr 2013 07:17

How to program the 16x2 char Serial LCDs that we have at Bigfoot Arduino Lab.


Tried to change the baudrate to 2400, 4800, 19200. Found out that these Serials LCDs standardise on 9600 baud.

Sample Code:

void setup()
  Serial.print("$CLEAR\r\n");   //clear screen
  Serial.print("$GO 1 1\r\n");  // display address is : the line 1,the row 1
  Serial.print("$PRINT Bigfoot \r\n");  // display the character "Bigfoot"
  Serial.print("$GO 2 4\r\n");  // display address is : the line 2,the row 4
  Serial.print("$PRINT Hello World!\r\n");  // display the character "Hello World!"
void loop()

Ref: Arduino Serial LCD

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