12v Regulator ICs

By Kendro VillaruelKendro Villaruel, on 04 Mar 2013 15:22

Way to fix unregulated power supplies/adapters that claim to be 12v but outputs 14 to 20v instead.

The 7812 Regulator maintains the voltage to a stable value. Even on the event of an added load, the regulator automatically adjusts itself to a stable 12v.

Shown in the picture below.


With respect to its design considerations, it is recommended in the data sheet to include bypass capacitors from the input and output of the regulator. 0.1uF as minimum to help aid proper regulation of the IC.

Pin Configurations:

The only disadvantage is that the maximum output current is limited to 1A only. If higher amount of output current is needed, high power 12v regulators are available.

78xx Data Sheet

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